Buying a Bicycle Trailer (Part 4)

The Environment

If you’re into green living, then cycling is definitely a green pastime.

Where to buy

  • Online – Will potentially give you the biggest selection and possibly the best prices. The internet will certainly give you the most supporting information in any research.
  • Local shop – Will sometimes find it difficult to be competitive with the internet. However, they normally provide better back up and support should you have any problems. Plus they may be able to give you a good deal on any ancillaries and extras you may want… And you may get to see the item you’re purchasing in the flesh!

Looking after your trailer.

This should be straight forward (just like a bicycle, without the pedals, chain and gears). However, you have one additional item, that’s the cover.

Dependant on where, when and how you use the trailer… you could go from just dusting the cover down to washing it off due to puddle mud. Cleaning would be best achieved with the assistance of a good old dust pan brush.

Please note that you must never store your trailer for long periods, until it is fully dry and aired.  Otherwise the mould spores have a whale of a time! Don’t forget that if you store a dry trailer in a damp place you may also get the same result.

Always routinely check your bicycle trailer prior to use, to ensure it’s in good condition and fit for the road.