Bike Trailer

This is a highly versatile two seater Bike Trailer that will carry your children in safety and comfort. It is surprisingly easy to tow, with little resistance, and is quick and easy to assemble (and disassemble) for storage and transportation. When assembled, the Bicycle Trailer forms a rigid steel frame. The cover is finished to a high standard and is very durable.It can also be used to carry various loads, such as your shopping or camping gear! Visit the Bike Trailer Gallery

Storage and Transportation

Bicycle Trailer Folded Flat
Bicycle Trailer Folded Flat

The Bike trailer is easy to assemble and disassemble in minutes, (without the need for any tools). The secret to the speed and ease of assembly is the mixture of captive pins and hinged components. Attaching the wheels is just as easy, as they slot into captive sockets in each end of the axle.

Bike Trailer Assembly Fixing Pin
Bike Trailer Assembly Fixing Pin

The whole assembly neatly folds flat. It has additional stiffening in all the right places, such as the side panels, so your child can have a clear un-distorted view out the side windows.

To see the Bike Trailer detailed specification click here, or for details of the Bike Trailer overall size, click here.

The Boot

Bike Trailer Boot
Bike Trailer Boot

The Bicycle Trailer boot is large enough to carry a variety of items and is fully enclosed (should you get caught in a downpour!) If you want to take the Bicycle Jogger Kit with you, it easily fits in the back. If you want to carry bigger loads, you can lower the seat back.

General – A high visible flag is provided, which can be seen from a distance.

Seating Compartment

Entry and exit from the trailer is by lifting the front cover. This can be rolled all the way back. The cover comes with a mesh screen to prevent debris, flies etc, entering the Bike Trailer. It also has a weather screen which can be rolled up and down as required. The side windows are fixed to prevent any dust entering the Bike Trailer from the side wheels and are semi-rigid, which means you get a non distorted view through the side windows.

Bicycle Trailer for 2 Kids
Bicycle Trailer for 2 Kids

A foot well is provided to create a better seating position and posture. This and the seat bottom are re-enforced to provide extra strength. The material is a highly durable 600D thickness! Two ‘five point’ harnesses are provided, for seating side by side. These can be configured to provide a central seating position when carrying one child. Elasticated pockets are fitted on both sides for storage of drinks, food and cuddly toys!

Fixing to the Bike

The coupling that comes with our Bicycle Trailer is unique and designed to make it easy to swap the trailer from bike to bike. The coupling fixes to the bike by turning a large knob that loosens or tightens a clamp. To fix the trailer to another bike, you simply loosen the clamp, take the trailer to the other bike and tighten the clamp. Our unique clamp has the centre of gravity of the towing arm placed as low as possible. This prevents twisting, (where the clamp can hit the spokes). This can happen with other types of clamp, where the towing arm is out to the side of the bike. So look carefully, before you buy.

Bicycle Trailer - Clamp Assembly
Bicycle Trailer – Clamp Assembly

The flexible coupling allows for fluid movement over uneven ground, or when turning. It also means that you can lay your bike on the ground without affecting the trailer. For added safety, an additional method of fixing the trailer to the bike is provided (the black safety strap). Using both ensures there is never any doubt that the Bike Trailer is always attached to the bike. The Bike Trailer arm folds neatly away underneath the trailer when not in use.

If you’re planning to visit somewhere by bike, you can easily go for a stroll when you reach your destination – Just attach the Bike Trailer Jogger Kit (which neatly stores in the Bike Trailer boot) and you have a buggy ready to use. Sleepy kids, no problem.

Aluminium Bicycle Trailer

The difference in weight between the aluminium and steel model is only 1.5 kg’s. Our aim has been to find the best value child trailer, so in this case, saving weight using an aluminium frame does not warrant the additional cost.